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Commissions                                          Portraits of tv-hostes at Danish Television News Department.          Coverphotos for danish musicians.                                      Posters for danish, british and french  artists                                                                             and lots of portraits of known and unknown people

 Competitions, exhibitions , books among other

2018       Art Nordic, Copenhagen  Gallery  Rossocinabro, Rome  Parallax Art Fair, London          First Berliner Art Book    

2017      Trienberg Super Circuit  Mini Print of Cadaques, in Barcelone, Spain, Bages, France, Wingfield, England                    Festival in Sigean, France            The First Berliner Art Book         Art International Contemporary Magazine, Italy   

2016      State of the Art volume IV, Galeria Aberta, Portugal              The First Berliner Art Book      Three exhibitions in Sigean France

2015        "Flou, le temps d'un Geste", Sigean, France                    14 Special Themes Circuit, Austria State of the Art volume III, Galeria Aberta, Portugal

2014         State of the Art volume II Galeria Aberta, Portugal                Al-Thani Award 2014              "Brume et Brouillard" Sigean, France                                                  Mini Print of Cadaques in Barcelone, Spain, Bages France Wingfield, England             Copenhagen Photo Festival "Mist and Machinery"                           Trienberg Special Themes Circuit, Austria

- and Photo Art Championship,  Austrian Super Circuit                 Gold medal for best black and white portrait